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We're asking choirs and music groups up and down the country to host gigs and singing events to fundraise for The Choir with No Name!

Join us to celebrate the power of singing together —  and help keep our life-changing choirs for people affected by homelessness singing well into the future...

All Together Now!  #ATN2017

Singing makes you feel good - it is amazing for your mental and physical wellbeing and is simply THE best way to make friends and have fun. We know this. You know this. Now we want everyone else to know this...!

SO...whether you fancy hosting a full scale choir concert, an open mic night at your local community centre,a karaoke event with your mates or a simple whip round at choir rehearsal, as long as your event involves singing and supporting our choirs, it gets a double thumbs up from us! 

Already putting on a choir concert? Why not use it to fundraise for us too!

Our choirs are a friendly, welcoming place where members who have experienced homelessness, or are otherwise marginalised, can form lasting friendships, build their confidence and get their lives back on track. They become a member of a supportive family, learn new skills and experience the simple joy of singing shoulder to shoulder with good friends.  Our choirs are changing lives, one song at a time.

The best thing about the choir is that it's a safe place to be - very welcoming and friendly. I feel at home when I'm here. It's like a family. The singing is great fun, then there's a lovely family meal at the end of the evening. I feel completely confident and accepted here.

Through your amazing musical and fundraising efforts, you will be directly helping our members to shine and get their lives back on track, meaning our choirs can keep supporting people who've experienced homelessness well into the future.


Do you sing in a choir or vocal group and want to put on an All Together Now! concert or gig? Not in a choir but want to join in anyway? No problem! 

Click HERE to sign up and get our All Together Now! toolkit, which gives you lots of useful info and all you need to put on a spectacular All Together Now! event, as well as tips on other ways you can join in, sing and help support our choirs. 


Our choir members have chosen a song that they feel best represents what being in our choirs mean to them, and we'd like everyone who's hosting an ATN event to sing the anthem! They have chosen Three Little Birds (Don't Worry About a Thing) by Bob Marley. You know, this one:

You can buy vocal arrangements for the song online and also find lyrics, so get creative and sing your own unique version!  We'd love to see everyone's performances of the anthem, so send your video or audio clips to and we'll share them on social media.


Our choirs truly make a difference and help to lift someone from the circumstances that may have led them to become homeless, setting them on the road to a positive future. Find out more about our choirs HERE

" If I hadn't come to choir, I don't know if I would still be alive today..."

Find out how the Choir with No Name changed Adel's life...

Support our choirs and be part of something special.  Sign up to All Together Now! today.

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