Emma - choirs manager (London)

Hello, I’m Emma and I’m the London Choir Manager which means I get to look after both of our London choirs - the original North London choir and the newer South London choir.

I knew about the original choir right from when Marie first set it up in 2008. We were both working for the same homelessness charity at the time and I remember thinking “what an incredible idea!”.

Over the following 4 years I heard about the choir often and was so pleased to see it going from strength to strength, growing from a seed of an idea into a fully-fledged charity making a real difference in people's lives.

Then in early summer of 2012 I saw there was a job going with them. I couldn’t believe my luck! I’d been working in the homelessness sector for 9 years and had always enjoyed singing and music so it seemed like the perfect job for me. I even had several different friends and colleagues contact me to tell me they’d seen my perfect job advertised – a good omen if ever there was one! I applied for the job and was delighted (and humbled) to get it.

There’s barely been in a dull moment since – it really is the most incredible job! Between arranging gigs, looking out for our ever-growing number of members and running workshops across London there’s definitely no time to get bored!! It’s great to work for an organisation that is so positive and friendly.

I’ve always worked in jobs that are trying to make a difference in people’s lives but Choir with No Name take that up an extra notch by doing it in such an empowering and fun way. It sounds cheesy but I truly feel lucky to be working with such a great organisation not to mention getting to spend time with our amazing members. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be!


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