Meike - choir director (Liverpool)

I was born and raised in Germany, and was very lucky to have parents who encouraged and supported my music-making ventures over many years, even if the noises I produced tested the whole family's patience and tolerance levels, especially during my teenage years.

I started at the age of four with early-years music classes and while being classically trained on the piano I taught myself any instrument I could get my hands on; apart from singing in the school choir I also started to write my own songs and music and played various instruments and sang in many bands.

I was also a member of an independent theatre company, performing more than 50 characters in five eye-watering original comedy productions. Before pursuing my true calling in music I trained and worked as a general nurse in Germany, developing a wide spectrum of transferable skills and knowledge.

In 1998, I moved to the UK to study music at LIPA - the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. Since graduating from LIPA I have been writing, performing and teaching music, working with people from all walks of life. I've experienced the positive power of making music - not only for myself, but I've witnessed magical transformations of people's lives in many situations.

When I heard about the Choir with No Name looking for an choir director in Liverpool, I felt straight away that this would be the perfect job for me, where I could fully utilise the unique skill set I acquired over the last decades while having the opportunity to make a positive impact, motivate and encourage people and help boost their confidence through musical enjoyment.

Since starting out in January I've watched with great joy how the choir is growing. Friendships are developing and choir members are performing at their best. I am very proud to be the musical leader of this lovely bunch and although we spend a lot of time laughing we also work very hard to achieve the highest standard possible – choir members certainly have to 'earn' their dinner here!



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