I'm Mohammed and I go to the South London Choir.

I really love the choir, I love singing because it makes you forget things you don't want to think about. I love really enjoying a song and it makes me feel good to sing with others.

It's very therapeutic and it's good even just for a while to get lost in a song and forget all your problems.

My favourite gig was the gig with the Post Office guys at Concrete in Shoreditch.

I have a background in drama and writing poetry so it's great to have choir to help find my voice and make new friends.

I used to worry about singing but now I am much more confident and enjoy giving time to choir and making new friends here. I live on my own and look forward to coming to choir every week - it's now a part of my normal routine but in a nice way, so even if I am having a bad day I know I have choir to look forward to. It helps me stay calm and relax and find myself and my voice.


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