Victoria Wood - Trustee

“I don’t know if like me, you put on the Banana Boat song by Harry Belafonte (or just anything by Harry Belafonte for that matter) and you find yourself having a shimmy and singing along with a big smile on your face “♪, ♫Come, mister tally man, tally my banana. Daylight come and me wan go home ♪, ♫”

Music makes you feel good, put on a good song and start singing and it can change your mood – that’s the proven power of music therapy. You should try it, start the day with a happy song and a dance and your day will be much better. Combine singing and dancing on your own to singing with a group of people with a sense of good fun and spirit and you have yourself a sense of community - a positive distraction from nonsense and everyday life that might not be as cheery or as hopeful as you’d like.

It’s important to be involved in philanthropy and giving back to society. I’ve undertaken a fair bit of charity work in the homeless sector, working in a women’s homeless hostel and joining Crisis at Christmas each year – I’m very disappointed that in the UK in this day and age, not everybody has a safe place to sleep at night and that some people can become forgotten in our society.

CWNN is a fantastic escape from the mundane and has a very meaningful role that it fulfils in so many people's lives, for the members and volunteers and trustees alike.

I’m proud to be a part of it and wish the long continuation of such a brilliant cause. My personal objective as a trustee is to increase the net of music connections, provide any potential legal advice (I work as a partner of music law firm Statham Gill Davies) and spread the word to allow the continuing growth of confidence and positivity amongst the choir members. Let’s make this possible!”


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