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Liverpool Echo: Bands line up for Festival for Liverpool homeless

18 Sep, 2015

We are excited to be part of Hope Fest this year, alongside so many fantastic organisations helping people affected by homelessness in Liverpool

Soul Music - BBC Radio 4

13 Apr, 2014

“That's why that song [Something Inside So Strong] sticks in my mind. For anybody that's felt that they've been kept back in life, and crushed no matter what they've done, it's got that human spirit in it.” - Bill, Birmingham choir member

The Liverpool Echo

23 Feb, 2014

“They [the Liverpool Choir with No Name] sing a mixture of pop, rock, soul, gospel and reggae before enjoying a meal together.”

Folkscene - BBC Radio Merseyside

1 Feb, 2014

“It's kind of like a hub, to recreate what we've lost...” - a choir member



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